Where to eat in Karlsruhe?*

Dear KarlsPeople, the list of recommendations is back.

Today, Sven is going to show you where you are able to go to a good restaurant in Karlsruhe, and Reilley will give you some direction on where to get vegan, gluten free and organic options!

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If you are fancy to try out something particularly German, this is the thing for you. It’s really popular amongst all age groups to meet up in garden restaurants called Biergarten during the warm summer period, check out some of your options: 

Kühler Krug – near Günther Klotz Park, this place is a local brewery and even provides their own crafted beer.

Lehners – opposite Europaplatz, really close to the university, this restaurant has a classical German style cuisine.

Kaisergarten – a really nice backyard with a lot of trees, ideal for hot summer days.

If you are the burger type of person look no further, here are our top two places to go:

Corners Pub Oxford – located in the Weststadt right at the corner between Sophien- and Yorckstraße.

Brater – located on the Erbprinzenstraße, they serve the most delicious burgers in town (might also be the biggest ones).

Oxford Pubs – if you’re looking for a place to hang out with fellow students and eat for a reasonable price, this is the chain for you in Karlsruhe, located all over the city.

We also have a really good Asian restaurants, with authentic cuisine:

Yangda – if you want to have easy dishes but large portions served by a Chinese family, this is your place to go. Located on Kaiserstraße and in Passagehof.

5 Sterne China Restaurant – really good Wan-Tan-soup as well as other classical Chinese dishes, located on Rüpurrerstraße, near Agostea Club.

When you’re in the mood for a more exotic cuisine:

Taj Palace – really friendly waiters that provide information about every dish and even more tasty Indian dishes. Also, really nice ambience with Indian art. Located on Karlstraße not far from university.

Parsifal – a Persian style kitchen with a really nice flair through big art canvases. Located on Degenfelderstraße.

Mogogo Eritreisches Restaurant – as the name states here in this colorful restaurant they serve local dishes from Eritrea as well as traditional African beers, located on Stephanienstraße.

Kilimanjarao – an Afro-Latino restaurant serving a mixture of both cultures best, located on Vorholzstraße.

If you the sushi type of person:

Sushi Park Karlsruhe – they offer a large card of different sushi plates, located on Ludwig-Ehrard-Allee.

Soki Garden – tasty Vietnamese cuisine and sushi in a pink flower garden, located on Waldstraße.

Akoya – all you can eat sushi as well as Japanese barbeque in o lounge type atmosphere, located on Ludwig-Erhard-Allee.

Taumi – if you want to see how Asian fusion kitchen is done this is the place for you to go, since they prepare the dishes in an open kitchen, located on Lorenzstraße

For all Mexican & Spanish friends we recommend:

El Taquito – authentic Mexican food, located on Waldstraße.

Besitos – serving nice tacos and tapas as well as free salsa courses, located on Karl-Friedrich-Straße.

Enchilada – a big mix of burritos and enchiladas as well as good cocktails, located on Waldstraße.

Since every student needs ice cream once in a while, especially in a warm city like Karlsruhe, take a look at:

Arte Dolce Gelateria – they serve fresh Italian ice cream, located near the tram stop Yorckstraße.

Eiscafé Casal – they offer amazing Brazilian ice cream and cappuccinos with croissants with mango filling for those interested in a quick snack on Kaiserstraße.

CLAUS Eismanufaktur and Deli – here you can even have vegan ice and waffles, located in the heart of the city on Lammstraße.

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

Specials – Vegan, Halal, Gluten Free & More!

Karlsruhe has a lot to offer, but where are those vegan options at? What about halal, gluten free, or vegetarian?! Well this is a list for you. Be mindful that most of these restaurants only take cash!

  • Pinsa..Si Pinsa Roman – not pizza, there’s a difference – is gluten free and can be vegetarian, if you ask. It is a great snack or meal in between classes if you forgot your lunch (again). It is fluffy yet crunchy and reasonably priced. Check it out right across the street from the Karls at Karlsstraße 31.
  • My Heart Beats Vegan – Everything here is vegan. Everything. There are even gluten free options. It’s a bit hidden behind all of the construction on Kriegstraße 94 but the small garden area is relaxing – if you can score a table! They have everything from falafel burgers, cake, and coffees.
  • Ateliercafé ANA & ANDA – For those with looking for an artsy café, look no further. Here you can find gluten free and vegetarian bread and sweets made by scratch.
  • Cats Café Karlsruhe – Are you in the mood for ramen but your friends want maultaschen? Then the Cat café is the place for you then. With cute cats you can choose from dim sum to lasagna, to tea and waffles. They really have it all, and it’s a great place for vegetarian options.
  • Café Luuc – This new café has got what you need. It offers some vegetarian and vegan options with a comfy plant vibe. There’s also a super cute dog photo on the wall – the café is named after the dog. Check it out at Sophienstraße 112.
  • El Taquitó – Vegetarian quesadillas anyone? ¡Sí! At El Taquitó in Waldstraße 24 – 26, there are a plethora of gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options. The chili con carne soup is supposed to be great too. They even have daily specials, like 10% off on Tuesdays and Veggie Day Thursdays.
  • Aroy Aroy – Thai food with vegetarian options on Joachim-Kurzaj-Weg 5A. They offer all of the works including vegetarian wok with fresh veggies, glass noodles, and more!
  • Restaurant Asmara – Eritrean specialties with vegetarian and vegan food options. Asmara even has an afternoon buffet from 12 am – 2 pm, and a 3-course buffet if you’re really hungry. Go check it out on Kaiserallee 9. 
  • Bangkok Thai Foodland Restaurant – Vegetarian Thai food is not too far away. On Douglasstraße 12 – 14 you’ll find what you’re looking for so just check out Thai Foodland.
  • Habibi Karlsruhe – just go here. There are halal, vegetarian, and vegan options here that’re great for grab-n-go kind of days or sit and stays. They even take girocard now! Schawarma, falafel, and homemade sauces are just a few of their many offerings. You’ll find Habibi at Kaiserstraße 65 near Kronenplatz.
  • Sela’s Gemüse Kebap & Tapas Bar – The Oststadt (East part of Karlsruhe) has one quaint veggie kebab and tapas bar. They even have vegetarian döners here! You can sit inside in one of their comfy booths, outside on the sidewalk, or take it to go to a nearby park. It’s at Georg-Friedrich Straße 22. 
  • Just Fresh – in Kaiserstraße 66 offers Middle Eastern halal, vegetarian, and vegan dishes. You can even speak English here if your German is at the “Ja, nein, bitte” level.
  • La Rose – has all your Syrian specialty soulfood food with vegetarian, vegan, and halal options. You can find it on Akademiestraße 32 not too far away from the Karls. It’s self-made, fresh food for a good student budget price.
Photo by KLIV BRAND on Unsplash

Another special in Karlsruhe is our Farmers’ Markets! Most markets were being cancelled due to COVID-19, but there are two notable markets which are open most days of the week. Flower market (Blumenmarkt) on Marktplatz and a Food market on Stephanplatz near the university. Be mindful that once the weather gets cooler the markets will close.

Don’t forget to check the opening times of the cafés and restaurants! They’re in flux now, and some cafés are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

By Sven Lohmeier *SL & Reilley Wehrstein *RW – International Business, 5rd Semester (KarlsStorytellers

*Karlshochschule is an educational institution and a non-profit organization as well. We want to encourage individuals and young people to take responsibility, find their own voice and initiate change in a sustainable and tolerant way. Listening to different opinions not only promotes different perspectives, but also discourse. The content of this blog is characterized by the diverse experience and opinions of the authors, which may not be the majority opinion of the university, but provokes reflection and discussion.

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