Corona is giving you a huge present

Hey Corona, why do you appear in my amazing life now? It is such a doubtful question of mine over the outbreak of the serious virus spreading out the world. I believe that it also comes to your mind once because of the mess up of our lifestyles and the hindrance in most exciting activities. It is an unavoidable problem caused to us, no one expects the serious circumstances, it brings us much sorrow than before. However, just have different movements and look at a brighter side for such awesome moments coming to our life!

We are now living inside the box, a room-filling with four sides of the wall to be self-quarantined but it is not as scared as ‘isolating your spiritual and your soul’. Have you ever calmed down and reflected yourself, it is the gift of time for you.

My 5 recommended tips for self-quarantined life 

1. Reading the ‘forgettable’ books

Tip 1: Reading the ‘forgettable’ books (picture by my friend nolahoang)

Every single day, we are facing with our offline classes, getting up late and hurrying to be on train or tram heading to school. We are tackling with the deadlines of our homework, teamwork, ‘word count’ for numerous essays. We are always in a busy mode with our part-time job or just something related to the Internet. Therefore, reflecting the previous time, have you ever completed at least 50 pages of a book within a day? Just questioning myself and maybe yourself: “How many books have you bought? And they still rely on the corner of bookshelves. So it is the precious moment to acknowledge ourselves or just take easily being relaxed by reading books besides the window, feeling the soul of the skies, and breathing the fresh air…

Hereby some suggestions of mine for breaking your normal lifestyle, let’s: 

  • Wake up at 6 a.m. and drink a cup of warm water to breathe better. 
  • Start reading books, set a target daily at least 50 pages overall – you will be surprised how super you are to complete the ‘unimagined’ book over 300 pages within a week! 

Nothing can be withdrawn if you have the motivation to fulfill, target daily and step-by-step reach your overwhelmed journey by the beginning of a peaceful day ever. No more rush and here you are, a better person in the Coronavirus. 

2. Calling and sharing with your parents

Tip 2: Calling and sharing with your parents

It sounds like the normal things in your life but let’s look back at your previous time, how many scores over 10 can you point yourself in this type of work? As an abroad student, my very first time being on a long journey independently, it is not easy to tackle all issues and schedule my best timetable due to the hindrance of jet lag between my hometown and Germany. 

The maintenance daily calling lasts the first or second weeks but over time how many times do you profoundly share your ‘precious time’ with the aging mom and dad? This is about myself, three times to four times a week and sometimes it is not able to reach this target due to my undeserved reason “I don’t have enough time”. It is an unforgiven reason and now I am reflecting on myself and being enthusiastic to have a call with my beloved people in Vietnam. The best time ever in Germany is about seeing them every single day, knowing the circumstances in Vietnam and look how surprised and enthusiastic they are! We are not able to predict exactly how many times to hear them clearly, how long do we see them again in our lovely hometown. Therefore, immediately call your beloved parents as much as possible – the best home ever to be yourself! 

3. Watch and learn various online tutorials

Tip 3: Watch and learn various online tutorials

For a long time being got stuck in the laziness, just delay every task with the sentences always coming to my mind “oh, this is a good article or oh, this is such a meaningful video or tutorial but too lazy now. I will complete it tomorrow”. Okay, I believe that we are sometimes in the same situations, don’t you? However, the gift of time for me, and maybe you to reschedule your timetable to complete each daily task (learning included). 

The more modern life we are living in, the more latest and more precious knowledge we are able to observe. It is unavoidable that the Internet is such great access to our life, within one click to explore the world. And now being self-quarantined and let’s discover the huge quantity of resources on various websites.

Hereby are some recommendations of mine: 

4. Cooking time 

Tip 4: Cooking time! This picture shows a Vietnamese noodle soup with German ingredients

Have you ever got trouble with your meals, is it not too good or too expensive to adopt? Therefore it is the precise time for your creativity of making the best dishes ever!!! Vietnam is one of “the heaven of food” throughout the world, so being in Germany makes me “cried” due to the lack of Vietnamese signature and the overpriced of Asian ingredients. To solve this problematic issue, my creativity is promoted in terms of making Vietnamese taste as much as possible by German ingredients. Do not scare of having nothing, it is actually the best time to breathe and create your own recipes and make your ‘best dishes of the world ever’. 

These are some slight changes of mine during “the box time” in this duration. It is not such as the nightmares as I imagine, precisely it is the best present ever to slow down and…

5. Self reflect

Tip 5: Self reflect (Picture by Aloha Phuong)

Being in the busy mode is not actually the best for the workaholic like me. Whenever people ask me, do I get tired of completing multiple tasks within every single day? I pretend to say “never” but I realized that it is just such a joke, I am exhausted! Now, I am chilling with my life – the awesome life I have imagined – no more rush and being myself is the best (no more makeup, no more pretending before every people, being relaxed along with the sound of the bird every morning, the sunshine outside “the box” and keeping calm to breathe the most peaceful air ever. 

Every second is deserved in our life. Do not put yourself stuck into the second update of Coronavirus, it is the precious time for you to do…

  • What you have never tried at home…
  • Leave out stress and enjoy the real-life and smile as much as you can! 
  • Call your parents as much as you have time! 
  • Stay strong and no infection with this virus! 

The world, our life will be better because you are deserved! 

Article by Ngan Vu (Sgngan) *NV – International Foundation Year 2019 (KarlsStorytellers

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