AFS International: Interview with scholarship holder Camille Peralta

There are many links and synergies between AFS and Karlshochschule. A number of professors, employees and students areengaged in AFS or have participated in AFS programs. The didactics of the Karlshochschule are based on a variety of intercultural approaches that are often used in intercultural trainings at AFS. Every year, AFS Intercultural Programs in cooperation with Karlshochschule, offers a full scholarship for AFS returnees, with the aim of promoting young people who are committed to intercultural exchange and diversity. We interviewed one of the current scholarship holders:

Camille Peralta, AFS International scholarship holder

AFS International scholarship holder Camille Peralta
Camille Peralta studies International Business (B.A.) at the Karls

Dear Camille, can you introduce yourself to us and give us a little background information on your person and your life.

My name is Camille Peralta and I am from the Dominican Republic. I have always had a passion for languages from a young age and have always enjoyed getting to know different cultures. This led me to pursue an intercultural experience at the age of 16 by living with a host family in Canada.

What inspired you to apply at Karls?

After my exchange, I was hungry to see more of the world and experience new cultures. I wanted to go abroad again, so I started searching online on AFS Dom Rep’s website. There I read about the International Foundation year and applied to Karls. The internationality and closeness of the students make the Karls different from any other university. Because it’s small, there is more contact between students and professors.

What study program did you choose and why?

I chose International Business even before beginning the Foundation Year. I had always wanted to pursue a career in this area, and the courses in this program were very appealing to me.

What kind of scholarship are you holding?

I am currently holding the AFS scholarship. AFS is an international non-profit and voluntary organization that provides young students with an intercultural learning experience. Because I had participated in an exchange program in Canada in 2015-2016, I was eligible for this scholarship.

How was the procedure of applying to Karls and for the scholarship? What, according to your appreciation, was crucial to be considered for the scholarship and for being accepted as a Karls student?

In order to apply for this scholarship, I had to write a motivational letter and undergo a Skype interview with the admissions office. I believe that was mostly considered, even more than academic grades, where my responses to the questions and my social engagement. Through the interview, they saw I was a good fit for the university.

How are your impressions of the university, its student life, and its academic focus?

My first impression of the university was that it reminded me a lot of my exchange year in Canada, because of Karl’s’ internationality. There were people from all over the world, and all of them were very similar to me in the sense that they also enjoyed traveling, different cultures, and languages. Many people had done an exchange year with AFS, which was something I could never really discuss with friends back in the Dominican Republic because they did not understand or had not experienced it. It was great to share something so close to my heart with new friends.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

In 10 years from now, I see myself already with a master’s degree as well and working in a big multinational company somewhere in Europe, putting to practice my knowledge of different languages and business. I would also like to go more into the marketing side of the business.

In a distant future, maybe 20 years from now, my biggest vision is to eventually bring all the things I’ve learned here in Germany back to my country and open my own recycling and sustainable company in order to bring environmental awareness in the Dominican Republic.

Dear Camille, thank you very much for the interview and good luck with your studies!

About AFS International

The three letters AFS stand for the long history of the “American Field Service” – an organization that emerged as a voluntary medical service during the world wars. Within 70 years, AFS has become the world’s largest provider of exchange programs. Since its founding in 1948, the organization’s goal has remained the same: to give young people the opportunity to experience other cultures and promote tolerance. AFS has found a strong partner for this objective in Karlshochschule International University.

The AFS and the Karlshochschule jointly organise the Intercultural Summer Academy every year, where young people from all over the world learn together and work on content on the topics of intercultural management and communication. Karlshochschule is very interested in having AFS volunteers and alumni among our student body – we offer programs of study in which they can further deepen their intercultural skills and keep living the AFS spirit! 

More information about the AFS scholarship (PDF)

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