Diwali at Karls: Home away from home

Being far away from home can be really heart wrenching for anyone and especially on the occasions where one is meant to be with their families and friends. But at Karls I had the opportunity to witness my very own culture and to my surprise, I felt as if I was back home. At Karlshochschule International University, students took the initiative of celebrating the Indian festival Diwali also known as “festival of lights” at Karls Café.

Diwali 2019 at Karls Café

I personally believe by organising such events not only we share culture, but it also gives an opportunity to get to know each other and share a strong bond because be it bachelors or masters; students have only a few years together and they might see each other at the corridor or at the hallway and say Hi or maybe not; but it is such events that bring us together and create memories which last forever.

Turning our focus towards the event where the evening was commenced by gathering around our fellow students, having a bit of talk on the festival and what is it about, followed by the potluck which consisted of Indian dishes and lastly watching a Bollywood movie together. When I joined Karls I remember being nervous and curious at the same time thinking of how I will manage my next two years being apart from my family on festive occasions. Fearing of how the day would look like I rather chose not to think about it much. But as it is said “one cannot escape the reality” so it happened to me as well. I was sad and dejected that I wouldn’t be home this time for my festival, but when I got to know about this event I was extremely excited not because that my festival was being celebrated but mainly that I would not be alone on this day.

Video by Ruthviik Prabhala *RP and Pranil Kevadia *PK (KarlsStorytellers)

Something that attracts me the most in this university is its level of cooperation among the students and staff members. When anyone tries to pitch in their ideas, people do respect it and take it into consideration. For example, the students with the help of the university and Karls Café organised this wonderful evening which allowed the people to have a get-together. Events organised at Karls can be of various types some related to cultural while others completely based on academic or most discussed topics in the society.

While I was in India; during my bachelors I was totally into organising events in my university and hence I know how important it is to also conduct events as such apart from regular academics. Not only it helps to fight the homesickness or loneliness of international students but also it shows the concern stating, “Hey we are here for you”. This where I believe that our university’s mission statement of “let’s make a difference” is applicable because things are done in a unique way. Therefore, I would like to conclude by saying Karlshochschule international university takes the experiences to a whole new level. This university has been always successful in bringing in the best out of any student.

Article by Visvesh Ravi Shankar (KarlsStorytellers)

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