Exploring Karls: Intensive Weeks and IPRO

Have you ever wondered what it is like to create your own marketing strategy for a NGO? To help with a project to communicate its purpose and mission better? Or what it is like to work with a start-up to conceptualize their project? Students at Karlshochschule do not have to imagine the previous questions. Instead, they get to lead and experience such projects and find solutions. They do this during their third semester in what we, at the Karls, call IPRO.

IPRO Means Introductory Company Project

Karlshochschule Intensive Week IPRO

In these few weeks, students shared not just laughs, but also tears. Their joint efforts led them to acquire not only knowledge, but also to pinpoint their strengths. In a short interview with an International Business student, Daoud Farooq, he states: “What I really liked was that this experience was very practical. Everything I learned in theory from last year, I could use now in this project. Everything we did was real, nothing was only theory. We worked with a real company and we had a mentor from one of the biggest companies in Germany who coached us”. Moreover, Daoud advises future IPRO participants, “The environment within the team should always be good… support each other and you will get things done”.

Marta Sousa, a third semester International Relations student reflects upon her experience, “You have to set a goal and do it. It’s all about time management”. Furthermore, she describes her experience as both challenging and informative.

Today’s world requires daily innovation; what better way to be innovative than asking students for fresh new ideas? It’s a win-win situation.

Well done to all third semester students and good luck with APRO next semester!

Article by Helen Ramons *HR (Karls Storytellers)

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