Karlsgespräch with Prof. Dr. Anthony Teitler: Can the United States decline peacefully?

As a recently appointed professor of international relations at the Karlshochschule, I had the pleasure of giving a presentation on a significant question in contemporary world politics:

Can the United States decline peacefully?

Karlsgespräch Anthony Teitler Karlshochschule

Whilst this question can be addressed in a variety of ways, my argument emphasised two key factors:

  1. The United States has to give up its hegemonic (leadership or dominance) mindset if it is to decline peacefully.
  2. Not decline of the US power per se but its desire to shape the global order.

Both points are significant because in the aftermath of the Second World War, the United States created a new global order and in the process achieved hegemony in the political, economic, military and ideological realms.  During the last seventy years, the United States has strongly maintained this global liberal order as it advanced American perceived interests. However, in recent times, the United States’ power vis-à-vis other major actors has declined and Washington is now increasingly questioning the global order that it once created.

The Joy of Karlsgespräche

The talk answered the question set and I am delighted to say stimulated a large amount of thoughtful and intelligent questions in the q and a session. In this way, my presentation lasted approximately forty-five minutes and after this we had a prolonged discussion that covered a range of important areas. I am very grateful to the Karls and audience for a highly stimulating evening!

Article by Prof. Dr. Anthony Teitler (Master Management)

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