Karlstainable in Berlin! Report about the „netzwerk-n Konzeptwerkstätten“

Love, peace and pizza – these are some, but definitely not all the things that come to our mind when thinking back to the wonderful two days we spent at the Konzeptwerkstätten in Berlin! This weekend our students Lilo, Helen, Sebi and Nele packed their bags and and went to the capital to attend two workshops organized by our partner netzwerk n on the topics of sustainability governance and PR. And even if spending 18 hours in the flixbus is definitely not their favorite activity, motivation stayed high throughout the whole weekend. 

The best help you can get: by coach Julian and a hot cup of coffee!

And that’s no wonder, since the coaches sent by netzwerk n – Lisa, Julian and Josef – packed the two days with an inspiring mixture of information, best-practice examples, self-study exercises and presentations and were always there with an open ear and valuable tips. They even managed to invite journalists from futur 2 to the PR workshop who gave really helpful insights into the world of the press. Also Anselm Grahl from RootAbility was there to show us how to successfully establish a Green Office on the campus. And when energy levels were low at some point (you just can’t avoid the infamous Mittagstief) the coaches always had the right energizer to wake you up and make the work go on.

Standing in a circle is so much fun!

But that’s not everything that made the Konzeptwerkstätten so special: Our four Karlstainable members had the opportunity to get to know sustainability initiatives from all over Germany, talk to amazing people and learn from the experiences they’ve made. 

A creative break…

So Lilo, Helen, Sebi and Nele didn’t only come back with their heads full of ideas and their bags full of project plans, but also with a feeling of being part of a bigger movement of all the people who want to make their unis sustainable – and have as much fun as possible while doing that! 

Collection of results in the PR workshop

Thank you netzwerk n for these workshops and for putting that much effort into organization, coaching and food supply :) After the wandercoaching you organized for us last December expectations were already high, and now we can say: The Konzeptwerkstätten won’t be the last workshop for Karlstainable!

See you soon!

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