Netzwerk-n Konferenz

From the third to the fifth of December 2016 we, six students from IR, ISM and IEM and quality management´s Lan Anh went to Berlin to visit the Netzwerk-n conference. The conference’s aim: Think university further. Everything changed through the sustainable development goals?


For three days we met students from all over the country and Europe. How to initiate a social change to a more sustainable future was discussed in terms of politics, governance, service and research. In the fist two days the students discussed in groups, workshops and many other fun ways what we do already today and what the goal is for tomorrow. We not only had interesting talks with students but with young professionals, professors, and industry rethinker. Meeting people of different age, professions and universities was not only mind widening but new friends have been made. The fist two days we explored what has been achieved already and what goes on in other universities but also discussed and found new ways to solve problems and implement them in projects. After many workshops, meetings, fun energizers, and fish bowl discussion we got to enjoy ourselves over some drinks and talked and discussed with others. On Monday we met at the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung to exchange knowledge with politicians and experts how the University landscape is and should be and might change with the specific topic of “Transformative economy”. In this session, we had the chance to learn about the state of art of the topic sustainability with an interdisciplinary approach connecting to ethics, (individual) mindset transformation and service learning. Learning about projects funding ideas, national and state level measures and how to integrate all not only gave us the chance to know who is responsible for such topics but impacting them for the better. In general, we had a fun time exploring Berlin, exchanging ideas and influencing other on future decisions. Last but not least we learned a lot and will continue changing our world of the future already today.

Oh and we had talks with the conference organizers and a future collaboration is in the making. How? We do not know yet but we will find out. Also, we are looking for persons willing to become a Wander-Coach. Interested in spreading the word of the future visiting other universities? Let us know and we will also organize a sustainability coaching session at Karlshochschule.
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Furthermore, if you are interested in bringing change to Karlshochschule in a more sustainable way, please contact Marvin Roß | IEM or Lan Anh (Services: Quality Management)

Special thanks to the Karlshochschule for helping out with transportation and conference fee to make our warmly welcomed visit at the conference possible.

Also, many thanks the netzwerk-n who organized this meaningful conference and has spread the positive energy into the field.

Change Agents team

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