Alumni of Karls—Anna-Lena König


What are you doing now?

After finishing my studies, I worked as a project manager organizing events at a company called newthinking where I was mostly responsible for tech conferences. Last year I changed jobs and now I work as a project and product manager at Evenly, an agency where I coordinate the development of iOS and Android apps. I help build apps like Arte, funk, HSV and BVB by coordinating, managing and translating between the customer and the developers.

What are you missing when you think about the Karls?

I slightly miss dedicating most of my time and daily life to learning new concepts and theories, but not too much – because my job involves a lot of daily learning as well.

Was there a special moment at Karls you would like to share with us?

A special „moment“ was that Patrick Breitenbach encouraged me to join Backyard TV (our Campus TV) as a founding member – because I learned so much during that time by blogging, taking photographs and planning videos. Also, I got hooked to tech tools and web stuff during that time, which led me to my current job and passion.

What would be your advice to a current student, which nutshell needs to be cracked?

Although you might have a focus on your field of studies, try to cultivate an interest in many other things because you never know which knowledge you can combine to find new and unique solutions to problems that you will need to solve.

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