All Aboard the Orient Express – Chapter 4: D-Day and the Journey Back Home

Join the story of 3 international Karlshochschule Master’s students attending and contributing to the SOCIO Cri Conference 2015 in Istanbul.

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Our day in the spotlight had finally arrived. This was going to be the platform on which we would showcase all our hard work. Day 2 consisted of presentations on topics that had been accepted. This covered a wide variety of subjects such as gender issues and sociology, space, protests and social movements, contemporary political movements, environmental issues and social movements and networks and social media. Our topic fell within the space, protests and social movements theme and we presented in the morning. Our presentation was followed by lively and critical question and answering session.


Some of the most remarkable presentations by other speakers included Professor Justus Uitermark’s complexity theory in social movements and El Batoul Majbar’s Moroccan single mothers with social rejection and dynamism. To read their papers, visit

Day 3 of the conference was dedicated to sightseeing and networking.

Home at Last

In retrospective, we’re still on a high from our conference experience. As master’s students, we got the opportunity to present our research on an academic platform – something that is hard to come by. We interacted with academic peers and colleagues and had the opportunity to be a part of meaningful discussions. These experiences have made us more prepared for an academic career should we choose to go down that path. On the other hand, it must be said that none of this would have been accomplished if it weren’t for the encouragement and support we received from our professors at Karlshochschule and from the university administration itself. Karlshochschule’s motto is rethinking management and this is evident in their teaching of the management programme, which as mentioned above is a combination of relevant emerging topics in management or the humanities and management. With this conference we were able to combine and present a managerial perspective at a sociological conference – something that is unique and still nascent in the management world. Such are the opportunities that Karlshochschule provides its students with.

The End

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