Zockernight 2.

On Thursday the 23 of March students of the Karshochschule came together for the second Zockernight to challenge each other in Mario Kart, FIFA, Pool billiard and SingStar. The mood was perfect and the students rotated through the different games. SingStar and Pool billiard remained to be the most popular activities but Mario Kart managed to catch up in its popularity compared to the first Zockernight. FIFA on the other hand, remained to be the isolated dark room were the real competition took place and no one dared to enter and possibly interrupt the players.

The only issue of the night was the question: What happens after midnight? Because of the closing hours of the Karlshochschule the university has to be shut down after midnight which wasn’t quite in the interest of the crowd. Many of them just reached the stadium of actually enjoying the night when they were asked to leave. Perhaps the organisers have to plan two events for the next Zockernight: the Zockernight itself and the Party afterwards and announce both of them as part of the Zockernight.

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