Welcome back 5th Semester Students!

Reunions, storytelling, being back at Karls… This was the week when the halls were finally filled with students from every study year. Karlshochschule welcomed back its 3rd year students from all around the globe for a get-together before they spread again to start their internship.


Although students were reunited, it’s safe to say that people from every year experienced this week differently. As first semester students, we were more observing from the back, noticing to ourselves that this is what is waiting for us. In a way it was like in high school: the freshmen looking in awe at the “big seniors”.  It was good to see that the doors are truly widely open; students can spend their semester abroad almost anywhere in the world.

For the 3rd semester students this week was more exciting. On one hand, they could welcome back their long seen friends and get to spend some time with them. On the other hand, they are very close to their semester abroad, so getting first-hand insights, answers, hearing their stories was very helpful in the orientation and decision-making process. It was good to hear a general feedback from many students from second year: “Now, I am even more certain about where I wanna go.”


Nevertheless, in this week the spotlight was on the 5th semesters. Full of new stories, experiences and knowledge, they had the chance to reflect on their semester abroad and share their time with each other. This week was the “Bridge” that linked the two phases together: Theory and Practice. Time flies when you’re having fun and soon their internships start, having to use all the gained theoretical knowledge and implement it in practical use. For this reason, Karlshochschule made sure to provide its 5th semester students with some necessary preparation before “the big journey”.

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