Insights of a Karlstudent – What happens after admission?

Dear x,

        We are happy to inform you, that you will be admitted to our Bachelor’s program at Karlshochshule International University.

Best feeling for a fresh high-school graduate.

It’s happening. You got accepted at Karlshochschule, finally you’re going to be a college student and everything changes…but now what? The summer is over soon but you still don’t know what to expect? Here is an insight from a Karlstudent about what is happening after the admission.

Karlsruher Schloss


  1. Welcome on board!

Planning, packing, room searching, more planning… this is what my summer looked like before coming to Karlsruhe. Probably, you are full of concerns and questions: Where to live? What papers should be taken care of? What to pack? What is the university going to be like? What will I do without Mommy??

As scary as it first seems, you will soon see that everything works out just fine even without stressing. The one thing you need to remember is that Karlshochschule is always there for you. Besides keeping you up to date with their e-mails way before the start of the semester, they also provide you with help regarding any concerns about your stay in Karlsruhe. So you have any troubles with moving? Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the KarlsTeam!

The first and probably the biggest issue for every university student is to find a place to stay in Karlsruhe. Luckily, there are some very helpful websites that could help you with finding an apartment, a room in a shared flat or in a residence hall. Whichever you choose, the key is to apply on time!

Being an international student, I know how hard it is to move to a new country and do all the needed paperwork. For this reason, the university provides every international student with a “Buddy”, a second year student, to help with settling in the city. Having someone there makes the first steps so much easier and fun. Beside this, the International Office also organizes a meeting for internationals to help with all the necessary bureaucratic paperwork, like health insurance, visa and registration with the city. Again, having to deal with this alone could have been tough, but Karlshochschule is there for you!

After you could take care of every necessary work, there is one step left, the long waited Orientation Week. Then it officially starts…


        2.  Officially Oriented

Naturally, the main purpose of every orientation week is to help freshman students get to know the university with all of its services and staff. What we got in addition, was an amazing week spent in a familiar atmosphere.

With all honestly, the Orientation Week is so awesome, that telling the best parts of it would be a major spoiler, so instead here is just a little teaser.



The first day was about getting to know each other with your new “classmates”. To do that, each study program got 2 advisors (second year students) who are there to coordinate you as a group. The best part of it is that the advisors are not only there until the Orientation Week lasts, but during the whole year, giving you advices, tips and news about the Karslife.

On the second day, the organizers concentrated on the “KarlSpirit”. We got to work together during great group projects, got an insight of every major at Karlshochschule and also had the chance to meet with the heads of each study program. Motto of the day: “Keep the Egg safe!”

Orientierungswoche 2013

The next two days were focused more on helping you find your way around the campus and also in Karlsruhe, but not in an ordinary way. They introduced us all the service departments in the university, the cool places in the city while having the best of fun!

In the last day college associations and student initiatives were presented to us, giving a first idea of how we could get involved in the university. Afterwards we could also reflect on the past week within our last workshop.

Of course, every Orientation Week needs extra fun. The Student Board (StuV) made sure that besides the daily programs there were get-togethers during the evenings, providing an amazing time for every student. So by the end of the week, you became officially oriented!

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