KarlsCafé@Happiness – Coffee, Sunshine, Music

A stall, a cafe, a festival – combine these three elements and you get the KarlsCafé on a festival. The mission: bring coffee to potential students. The Happiness Festival was the first attempt of this unusual idea. The idea was to bring the KarlsCafé to the music festival and to create an open and relaxed atmosphere – spreading the word about Karlshochschule.


Originally, the idea for the KarlsCafé came from four students of Karlshochschule: Philipp, Pascal, Dominik and Ben wanted to give their fellow students a room to relax and talk, to recover from everyday university stress. The idea was expanded during the company projects. The goal was to figure out a way to use the KarlsCafé to make Karlshochschule better known in the region. The team, consisting of the two founders Phillipp and Dominik, joined by Luzi, Lisa and Feli, together with the Karlshochschule developed the concept of “KarlsCafe@Happiness”.

Karlscafé (2)

At the same time another project premiered on the Happiness Festival: Karlshochschule Photo Booth. Festival Visitors could take pictures wearing little accessories awhile holding a wooden picture frame and afterward print their picture for free, or download it from the Karlshochschule Facebook page. The little present and the Karlshochschule logo imprinted on the picture frame had the purpose of making Karlshochschule stick in the memories, especially of younger visitors. With this, Karlshochschule hopes to attract more students.


In conclusion, the general concept can definitely realizes, though it does need some fine tuning here and there. In any case, the students were able to experience some real experience in in the managing of events and projects.

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