SPEECH – Wendelin Küpers – “De-+-Touring Consumption through ‘Inter-Place’“ – Abstract

That’s how we can understand Touring differently: Place, Body > embodied Inter-Place.

De-Touring is very important.
Experiment with audience: feel the space in a spaceless space.
Moving through placed over: Inter-Place – embodedd be(com)ing – in -Place taking place but also taking a place.
Place and Space Are different. We are acting in place.
Inter-placed äs relational events- takes place through a body.

Body as a co-creation for touring, it’s not in place, it’s in space. Moving body in space makes meaning and reflects performativity.
Meaning is created by body.
Moving as embodied becoming-in-Place.
DeTouring- new directions, different moves, unknown happens which influence to consume differently.

Wendelin Küpers

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