SPEECH – Sybille Frank – “When “the rest” consumes “the west”: Indian Bollywood film tourists in Switzerland“ – Abstract

Singing and dancing in a romantic landscape are taking the place of love scenes, which are not allowed in Bollywood films.  Bollywood producers must find an alternative landscape to shoot films because the Kashmir was no longer accessible, they looked to Switzerland that would fulfil their need to shoot romantic scenes.  The lovely mountainous landscape in Engelberg, Switzerland became their desired destination.  Engelberg is now the prime tourist destination for Indians.  The Hotel Terrace caters to the Indian culture and creates an atmosphere that welcomes them, including such highlights as Bollywood film posters and such entertainment. Tourists from other cultures now are not touring Engelberg during the months that are consumed by Indians.  However, there is an issue here: the Indian tourists are concerned with consuming “home away from home”.  This is the case, in much empirical research, with the desires of package tourists, the issue is that this “package” stirs up stereotypes from the host.

In conclusion, is that it is the case that tourism is no longer a one way street from the west to the rest, it is apparent there has been a power shift.


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