SPEECH – Sourav Kargupta – “Travelling Theories: Deconstruction at the Limit of Postcolonial Feminist Ethics“ – Abstract

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, eminent postcolonial feminist scholar, has a forceful, radical, but marginal voice. Using the concept of deconstruction, as a critic of individuality, how to define ones self, as the theoretical argument.

Making deconstruction more ‘political’ and making it work for both the postcolonial and the feminist grain.  This ‘movement’ or ‘travel’ of a specific conceptual shift, deconstruction, is  inscribed in European textuality, toward a different matrix of reality as exemplary of a dis-location of agency, and tracks its trajectory in the works of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. But how does Spivak make deconstruction travel to a postcolonial scene? Can deconstruction be ‘used’ to understand the trans-cultural differences at work in the postcolonial scene, or do the postcolonial located particularities resist such an ‘use’? We can understand this kind of travel and de-tour a conceptual climate, capable of, and within what limits such a travel must be conducted not to override or reduce located knowledges and particularities.


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