SPEECH – Jan Specht – “Towards a new role model of the contemporary urban tourist“ – Abstract

Why contemporary architecture is attracting tourism?

A practical and interesting approach to this topic, including how managers and marketers can strategically attract the right groups of tourists. Which types or segments of tourists are consuming contemporary architecture? Looking at types of cultural tourists, comparing the tourists experience sought, with the importance of cultural tourism in the decision to visit a destination.

Contemporary architecture can actually be considered something disturbing.  Disturbing in the context that it has no real historical aspects, For example, the CCTV headquarters in Beijing, China, a large impressive building, and we are consuming it whether we want to or not.

There are different roles of tourists which may overlap along a single dimension or along several dimensions (Cohen, 2004).  Roles of tourists relating to contemporary architecture are analysed. All groups of tourists (tourist in general, cultural tourist, architectural tourist, and contemporary architectural tourist) are compared to how they consume contemporary architecture.  Measuring the touristic significance of contemporary architecture in Berlin, as compared to the roles of tourists.

Jan Specht

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