SPEECH – Florin and Monica Muresanu – “How tall can the acacia grow?” – Abstract

A giraffe, stretching ever higher to reach the thorns of the acacia that in turn develops different mechanism and prosesses to hold the giraffe back, the giraffe stretches higher and the acacia.. – evolution at its best. Now think about urban spaces and the tourists “invading” them. These spaces develop infrastructure to adapt to the needs of the respective invasion. In a process of action and reaction the process often ends up in a situation where the cities have no choice but to release policies to contain the tourists in certain places or to restrict certain things. Tourism is two sides of a coin, a powerful driver of economic growth, but also invasive and destructive, potentially dangerous to the heritage and “culture” of the indigenous population. Many big cities face the fact that their population is protesting against tourism and tourists.

Tourism really is “the chemotherapy of heritage”.

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