KEYNOTE SPEECH – JOHN URRY – „Consuming Places, Peoples and Products to Excess“- Abstract

The Touring Consumption kicked-off with our First Key Note on “Consuming Places, Peoples and Products to Excess”, given by John Urry. Developing the notion of the intersection between “Consuming” and “Touring”, he evaluates how places and products are being consumed, as places also become what they are, by the practices they offer to people.

On a personal level, the making of self is a matter of design, allowing the concept of make-over to become present, steered as well through the possibilities of consumption. On the basis of a notable extension beyond lives in neighborhoods due to current development of information technology and increased mobility, Urry evaluates on the engagement of people in consumption practices. At the same time, places themself are in move, hence the notion of theming becomes important, especially when thinking of cities. “Du-buy” for example, as a Dream-World of the Rich, has been the center of mobile consumption for various reasons and creates desires among a wide range of the population, referring back to personal desires. At the same time, Dubai is a place of monumental excess. The question of how to reverse the practice of touring consumption, hence eliminating the excess of resources, could be a guiding theme throughout the Touring Consumption?!


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