Karlsgespräche Podcast: David Sparkes – Legacy and Social Sustainability of Sport Mega-Events


David Sparkes, Chief Executive of British swimming delivered an insightful lecture on the social impact of sport mega-event.

In the course of the series of lectures Karlsgespräche, David Sparkes elaborated on historic developments, learning outcomes and the strategic implications for the future. Based on his profound practical knowledge in the field of organizing international mega-events, several case studies revealed both the potential as well as the harm that might be attached to such events.

Spiced with a substantial amount of British Humor, Sparkes demonstrated how essential a sustainable and positively perceived legacy is towards measuring the success of mega-events. Cities like Sydney, Barcelona or London have used sport mega-events to pursue different purposes ranging from “appearing on the map” up to triggering a social change throughout an entire country.

Nevertheless, such strategies are only available at high expense and should therefore generate a benefit for society after such an event. To oblige investors to invest into public welfare and facilities is one option to ensure a long-lasting effect in the area, region or city. The construction of Manchester Stadium, a football academy and several social facilities elevated Manchester to one of the dedicated sports centers in England. On the other hand, huge investments trigger new ideas and business models. Relocatable, hence mobile facilities are on the rise and building a temporary pool and arena on Copacabana beach is only one of the several examples of new approaches to sport mega-events.

Interested in the full lecture? Listen to the podcast here:

The next Karlsgespräch will take place on the 11th June, 2013.
Norbert Käthler & Bernadette Spinnen are going to lecture on „Was ist Stadtmarketing? Ansätze aus Münster und Karlsruhe“.

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