(re)Thinking Diversity live Day II: The afternoon

The second day of our conference is almost over and meanwhile traditionally, we want to share the experiences of the afternoon with you.

Juliane Keßler: The Grundtvig Project FOCAL – Fostering Creativity in Adult Learners with Disability Through Arts

Juliane Kessler

Juliane Keßler introduced the project FOCAL which works with mentally disabled people. The aims and objectives of the project are to integrate and support people with special needs, mostly by using arts and crafts.


Pilar Ortega Leal: Diversity management and innovation: how companies can reach it through valodi methodology

Pilar Ortega Leal

Pilar Ortega Leal talked about diversity management and innovation and how companies can reach it through Valodi (Valorization of Diversity Skills) Methodology – a project of the European Community Program Leonardo da Vinci. Its aim is to develop staff that manages diversity and therefore generates innovation.


Francesco Marcaletti & Emma Garavaglia: Surveying the quality of ageing at work. Tools and findings to support the HR policies at organisational level

Francesco Marcaletti (l) & Emma Garavaglia (r)

Francesco Marcaletti and Emma Garavaglia from the Università Cattolica des Sacro Cuore in Italy, outlined “tools and research findings, to support human resource policies at an organizational level”.  Hereby they introduced the architecture and the first empirical findings of a new tool to survey the process of aging at work. The aim of the tool is to support and improve human resource and managerial policies to become more age friendly and age aware as they are today.


Cordula Braedel-Kühner, Daniela Eberhardt, Marjo Wallin & Francesco Marcaletti: Age-related leadership – presentation and discussion of a workshop concept for managers

From left: Daniela Eberhardt, Cordula Braedel-Kühner & Francesco Marcaletti

In their joint presentation Cordula Braedel-Kühner, Daniela Eberhardt and Marjo Wallin outlined contents and significance of the GRUNDTVIG Learning partnership „Age-related leadership”. The presentation and discussion of an intercultural workshop and training concept for managers played a vital part in the interesting presentation. With the aim, to improve managers’ knowledge and competencies of leading aging employees, the focus of the concept lies on suitable teaching methods corresponding to the needs and characteristics of older learners.

The outstanding importance of such concepts is in line with the increasing age diversity of the workforce in organizations and the required open attitude towards this process. We are excited about future developments …


Many thanks to our friends and colleagues who held their presentations this afternoon. It was, as the entire conference, invigorating.

In our next blog, to be publish at the beginning of next week, we will look back at the collected ideas and perspectives of (re)Thinking Diversity and share the overall conclusions as they are just being conducted by the conference participants and speakers.


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