(re)Thinking Diversity live – Day II: Panel Presentations I

Second day at our (re)Thinking Diversity conference and we have already heard a row of amazing presentations. As yesterday, here some impressions:

Adelheid Iken: (re)Thinking cultural diversity from a students’ perspective – a narrative approach

Adelheid Iken

At her university in Hamburg, Adelheid Iken and her colleagues have been conducting qualitative research in regard to their incoming as well as students with migrant backgrounds. In their studies, they are trying to find what makes the identity of their students, where or what do they feel they belong to and what can the university and education offers do to support them. “The passport does not define cultural belonging.”


Anne Schreiter: Cultural fuzziness between China, Germany and design

Anne Schreiter

Anne Schreiter presented parts of the research for her PhD. She, therefor, talked about the cultural packages within oneself and within society and how the changing of personal moods and attitudes determines and redefines the way (or degree) of diversive behaviour and acceptance.


Javier Montiel: Europe at a crossroad. Cultural diversity and multilingualism: the Spanish case

Javier Montiel

We heard a truly visionary and deeply inspiring presentation by our dear colleague Javier Montiel. Javier argued that basically all current official programmes concerning language exchange in Europe were harmed by misfits and contradictions. In order to really develop a multilingualism (or even a plurilingualism) with the goal of multilateralism, we need to set up whole new schemes that offer anyone of any interest the possibility to study and interact in the literal and cultural environment he or she desires. “We must increase unity, not just diversity”.


Claire Bynner: Towards an intercultural approach to social cohesion

Claire Bynner

Claire Bynner discussed the intercultural approach to social cohesion at this conference. She talked about the Putnam’s Diversity Thesis, the multicultural backlash and the different forms of intercultural cohesion. At the end, she came to the conclusion that there should be a communication and interaction between different groups for a multiculturalism of the future.


Levent Yilmazok: Representation of diverse identities in the eurimages-backed Turkish-initiative co-productions

Levent Yilmazok

Levent Yilmazok represented in his speech at this conference the diverse identities in the eurimages-backed Turkish-initiative co-productions. The themes of the 59 films that were used for the research give an insight on Turkey as a nation. The research focuses on the ethnic, religious and gender aspects mentioned in the films.


Erzsebet Csereklye: Multicultural discourses in documentary films on migration

Erzsebet Csereklye

In her speech, Erzsébet Csereklye talked about multicultural discourses in documentary films on migration. She argues that different dominant and non-dominant groups find diverse approaches to step into interaction with each other – compensatory, pluralist and transformative. These approaches are shown differently by the particular generations of the immigrants.


Again, we want to thank our friends who presented their ideas this morning for their efforts and input. We cannot wait for the perspectives to be encountered in the afternoon.


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