Two years ago I had a class in “Interdependencies between Management, Culture and Communication”. However, this is not The place to dwell on the content and objectives of this particular subject, although it definitely is one of the most thoughtprovoking subjects at Karlshochschule. To put it in a nutshell: It’s all about how individuals and enterprises really tick. Anyway, as an exam students had to deliver a presentation. The best presentation I’ve seen before and thereafter was about the artist, individual and Enterprise (?) called Banksy. I learned from my students about the fascinating phenomenon of this still unidentified artist, his meaning and significance for culture and society etc. Today know I’m on my way to several pieces of Banksy to be found in different places in London. I’m quite excited, especially as a new piece seems to have appeared in the early morning hours. First stop will Be Camden Canal. Stay tuned.

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