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Last week I was at PINC2011 – the Participatory Innovation Conference in Soenderborg, Denmark. Specifically I was taking part in the fantastic track “designing-innovative-business-models“. As a picture could communicate more than a thousand words, I hope to transfer a least some of the insights and fun when a diverse crowd tried the find new models of modeling business models. A lot of “models” on many different levels, I know. We not only observed current business models, but – as second order observers – closely analyzed models of business models.

If you prefer to see some of the insights written out, please drop me a line and I will send you a draft version of my paper and – if available – also of some of the other track papers.

Thanks to all the active participants during my presentation and interactive experimentation on collectively staging business models. I am looking forward to the upcoming workshops on visualizing – and thereby analyzing, understanding and innovating – business models of broad range of companies and organizations.

Thanks especially to the chairs Jacob Buur, Robb Mitchell, and Bart Wozniak for the both participatory and effective organization bringing together such a diverse and fun crowd.

By the way: I heard of PINC2011 through Robb Mitchell from SPIRE when he was presenting during a conference at the Karlshochschule – Narrative + Innovation. Thanks to him for the lead. For him and all others interested in interactive and engaging conferences, I would like to draw your attention to Branded Spaces – an international conference and open space on Contemporary Branding, 15th and 16th of September, 2011 in Karlsruhe.

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  1. In IT- and service driven industries Business Model Design has been on the agenda since the 1980s – nevertheless thinking about Social and Business Networks brings this topic to a new dimension. As we learned from research about Business Development Managers/Management ( rethinking, redefining and implementation of new Business Models are currently getting really crucial issue also in traditional industries.The Net is ubigous and even steelmaking or scrap trade have gotten Internet driven industries nowadays.

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